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Communism/Socialism/Facism is still significant and still is a threat to America.  It is a threat because freedom as we know it is not allowed under the Communistic/Socialist/Facist, or some Hybrid there of, state even though the theory is to divest from the hard rule of the present toward the "Heaven on Earth" idealism in an unknown future.  It is freedom and Capitalism that grows an economy.  Those who hold power in the present will never let go in an unknown future.   Meantime, an economy under socialism always deteriorates due to lack of incentive.  Therefore, there is no possible future for Communism/Socialism/Facism except to feed off any thriving economy until they eventually cause it to also inevitably fail.  Then the proponents of this flawed theory simply jumps to another uneducated host causing destruction and more misery. 



Is a Subtle Threat to America!
(Also See above - Soloquy - and bookmark, "The Sword of the Prophet" and "Unholy Alliance")

They are Back!  Maybe it is just that they are still here!  Communism is still very much alive and that should alarm all Americans.  The Socialists/Communists have laid out their plan well and secured the media to trumpet their utopian religion with a catechism preaching heaven here on earth.

If you want to read first hand the insidiously treacherous commentary, go directly to the WEB site at the bottom of this article and you can read about their the tactics, and plans to overtake our Great American Capitalist system by any means they can conjure up to make Communism sound good to non-thinkers.           
Left leaning Americans are being used by the leaders of socialism.  Those leaders remain in the shadows to remain nameless.  Some are more blatant than others, but most leftists will deny their affiliation with organizations that are willing to use any and all means to spread socialism in our country including terrorism if needed.  Read the history of Communism in Russia, note the tictice, and keep in mind how unsuccessful it turned out in the end. 
Most leftists use high minded issues to twist and turn those truths that are held to be self evident.  Much of the environmental movement is used.  Many in the Women's movement are used.  Abortion issues are used.  Even the Constitution itself is used by loose interpretations.  One of the most important methods used is the destruction of the meaning of good character. 
America was founded and has grown on those truths held to be self evident, qualities of good character.  We have kept ourselves on an even keel, so to speak, and we have solved some unsolvable problems of history by staying with our TRUTHS THAT ARE HELD TO BE SELF EVIDENT.  Don't let anyone attempt to disgrace the WORDS of Good Character.  
America, based on capitalism, is a system that works better than any system ever devised by any human civilization because it is based upon innate human rights.  Socialism/Communism is based upon what a few self proclaimed intellectuals think that humans need, not upon their inalienable rights.  Of course there are problems. Any human organization has problems. There is no system that humans run that will ever be perfect.  As the Communists USA claim, their idealistic and perfect socialism will provide only what they think humans need and nothing more.  It is supposed to create a HEAVEN on earth. 

Communism is a direct threat to America. The proponents of this socialist utopia exist in almost every organization in America including our Federal, State, and Local governments. They have taken hold of our educational system and commandeered posts in most of our schools. You can hear the rumblings of Socialism everywhere. 

They use the perfect words to describe how the lion will lay down with the sheep under their system.  Peace will break out!  All sounds so great that many take on the seeds of that hideous anti-human system that will stifle and stop humans from being free and able to control those who would have total control over their own lives. 

“We Communists believe that socialism is the very best replacement for a capitalist system that has served its purpose, but no longer meets the needs and requirements of the great majority of our people.  We believe that socialism USA will be built according to the traditions, history, culture and conditions of the United States. Thus, it will be different from any other socialist society in the world. It will be uniquely American”

CPUSA thinks that their Communism is better than that of Russia, Cuba, or any other Communist System in the World.  Again, a few self proclaimed intellectuals know better than anyone else. 

Their goals are:
1.  “A life free of exploitation, insecurity, poverty; an end to unemployment, hunger and homelessness.
2.  An end to racism, national oppression, anti-Semitism, all forms of discrimination, prejudice and bigotry. An end to the unequal status of women.
3.  Renewal and extension of democracy; an end to the rule of corporate America and private ownership of the wealth of our nation. Creation of a truly humane and rationally planned society that will stimulate the fullest flowering of the human personality, creativity and talent.
Sound Utopian?
The Results:
1.  Exploitation by the government, by few in power
2.  No one wants to be employed
3.  Poor product distribution along with poor production in the first place 
4.  Inability to have a better home than what government will provide
5.  National oppression of everyone
6.  Everyone will be equally impoverished
7.  Democracy will be TEMPORARILY (as long as it takes) disallowed
8.  Each 5 or 10 year plan will accomplish less and less
9.  Dismal stoic utopia that is equally distributed will fester a resentment and eventually drive all mankind to revolt against the failed Socialism/Communism as in all historical cases illustrates by historical facts.  Socialism hates History!  It is too informative of the real failings of any big government run civilization. 
The Communists USA, believe:
“nationalization of the main means of production - the plants, factories, agri-business farms and everything necessary to produce what society needs”

“A socialist government draws up plans covering the entire economy.”

“Production increases much faster than under capitalism”

“A socialist government is based on all-around democracy”

“Trade unions in a socialist USA will insure a fair balance between what workers produce and what they receive.”

“Under socialism public services and housing will be vastly improved and expanded.”

“Full employment will be quickly achieved”

“The principle of socialism is: From each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her work.”

“The U.S. will become a vast construction site.” There goes environmentalism!

“There will be no danger of over-production since production will be planned and people's incomes will increase in line with the rising output of consumer goods and services.”

“With capitalism gone, crime will also begin to disappear, for it is the vicious profit system that corrupts people and breeds crime.”

“There will be no compromise with racism, for there will no longer exist a capitalist class which profits from it. Racism, national oppression, anti-Semitism, sexism, anti-immigrant discrimination and all forms of prejudice and bigotry will be banned by law, with strict measures of enforcement. Affirmative action will be expanded immediately to undo and make up for hundreds of years of the ravages of racism. Full equality will be one of the main priorities of the new society.”

“propaganda will be outlawed”

“Socialism USA will benefit from the experiences, the mistakes and successes of the countries who built and are building socialism. But mainly it will reflect the distinctive features of U.S. development and environment.”

“We say that it may be possible in the U.S. to bring socialism through peaceful means. But if the ruling class says: Forget it! And call out the army and the police and the national guard, then that is how revolutions become violent. It starts with the ruling class. Workers and their allies have to defend themselves and to fight for what is rightfully theirs.”

They do advocate violence! They are dishonest about what they want to do! Any means to install socialism in America will be used, and is being done. Violent revolution will be used as it was used in Russia!

Americans! Educate yourselves! Don’t let the “POWER HUNGRY socialists” corrupt and invade the American Tradition.

Keep the following seven basic principles in each of our personal characters, and as Americans with Character, under our Capitalist System, we will remain as free as we always have been.  Use Courage, Perseverance, Self Discipline, Humility, Reverence, Respect, and Honesty as those character traits that lead us all in our personal and national lives.

These are the traditions, the unalienable rights, the Qualities of Hero’s. Hero’s under Communism are lackeys or those who exude the Communist Party line. We don’t need a party line, we must maintain our Good National Character that has been established by many years of trial and error.  We are learning as Americans that we don’t need Communism to be the best that we can be. We do not need a GOVERNMENT to tell us what to believe or lead us around by a utopian line of corrupt and devious reasoning.  We already know those "truths that are held to be self evident."

All we need to do here in America is elect principled leaders with good character that have not bought into Communism or Socialism. Communism/Socialism is a FLAWED UTOPIAN UNWORKABLE system for this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Mel Cone
See for yourself:  http://www.cpusa.org/article/static/13/

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