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The links at the left will guide you through my site where I will provide further links to reference and give further meaning to the principles in the banner of this page.. 

Soliloquy - the act of speaking to oneself or as if no one is present.  It's a little like talking to yourself or giving a speech before anyone hears it.  What I am doing here is a little like that.  If someone should read this page, most of these thoughts come from that which I read or experience or that which I am laying out in words from my own ideas, thoughts, and reactions.  I give references when I can.  When ideas become part of ones character it takes extensive research to find out who may have given you insight.  (from Latin, solus, alone + loqui - to s

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"Truths held to be self evident" are Endowed Rights, Natural Law, Navigational aids to life, Qualities that bond humans, Qualities of a Hero. All humans seek these truths that are held to be self evident. Read the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and you will find these principles threaded throughout. These "truths, held to be self evident," are a collection of logical conclusions when you study the founding documents. We, the people, elect public servants to keep order by law in accordance with our Constitution. When that government and it's bureaucracy attempt to take on duties which are not allowed by the Constitution and cease to be our principled public servants, we the citizens must replace those individuals with principled representatives. 

There is a "progressive" movement in this country to replace our Free Market with some mix or amalgamation of Facism, Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, and Islalmism.  Up to now, we have been free to follow our own American Dream to freely follow our own course through our own lives free from the mandates from our own Government that might attempt to restrict US who are the ultimate power over any who would attempt to take away our freedoms guarenteed by our original Declaration and Constitution.  This, a POWER GRAB of those who would destroy America as we have known America to be, which was organized based upon the concept of a Loving God who created this world we live in...  giving us the basic Law of our Nation, the Ten Commandments, and a Moral Base that no man made law could proscribe.  If law is based upon the Godless people who make them, that Law is meaningless and can only be enforced forcefully.  No Freedom would be allowed. 

I have been less than current at times in keeping up with my web page.  I have paid little attention to making it as informative and/or interesting as it could be.  Non the less, I hope to convey my thoughts better in the future on those basic truths that has made this Country of ours the exception that it has been.  The present leadership, 2010, is anti American to put it mildly.  This is a fact exhibited by the actions of the present leadership.  Most Americans have learned our lessons well and can recognize the massive take over of a great system that has made all people proud in the past, but with this massive take over, has only brought a style of depression physically and spiritually.  We all must be fully mindful of this, understand that God still has a plan, and we must be aware that we all must act as Americans would in a War against our Country and Culture.  Remember, God has Blessed America, but now and then we need WAKE UP calls that an enemy lurks within and from outside as well. 

This web page in just a small way, trumpets the need for our full attention.  This Trumpeting should not be heard as Preaching.  I am an American concerned about the Frailty of our Freedoms and our Free Market system guarded by the Constitution but continually ignored and circumvented by a leadership that cannot be truthful about their plans for America's transfer to a hybrid socialist system. 

You will find that a few self proclaimed idealists, from history and in this present day, have decided to change the world  along with our way of living in America.  Their purpose is to take the ultimate power of GOD and ANNOUNCE that the old GOD is dead.  The new GOD will be the GOVERNMENT controlled by an the progressive "more enlightened" few.  We the people, who up to now have been free, would be governed by a progressive movement of those elite powerful few who believe that it is illegal to believe in God and publicly proclaim the belief.  It is the aim of SOCIALISTS, FASCISTS, COMMUNISTS, ISLAMISTS,  (differs only by country) to overtake all belief systems that exist and replace them with the modern elite liberal thinking. 

My main purpose on this website to highlight the need for overt demonstration and exercise of our freedoms.  We must remain free from any totalitarian progressives or any other anti American movement.  We all allowed our freedoms by our original Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Some, play games by use their freedoms to undermine or subvert the foundations of this nation. 

I can remember the days of the old Royal or Underwood typewriters along with the AB dick mimeographs and Comptometers that I used for many years before this Computer Age came upon our generations.  I find this new world we live in today fascinating because as we gain new great tools, we tend to lose contact with other valuable facets of living under the disguise of a kind of secular progressivism.  We tend to "through the baby out with the bathwater", literaly, to make room for the so called new age.  The Baby is the main part of our future, and we tend to just ignore that reality.  We ignore the reality of spirituality that still is part of who and what we are as a civilization.  I have often been just as guilty as anyone else by sometimes losing track of "a right direction."  We have realized a new physical life that we find ourselves enjoying, but we have forgotten the most important truths that humans innately hold as "self evident" and for which we all continue to pursue and value.  The physical part of life is very important, but the spiritual mindful reality cannot and should not be left behind.  By using the word Spiritual I raise the conversation to a more mindful spiritual level that humans innately respect.  That spirit is gained by knowing the good words and their definitions.  Good words, good definitions, promote and grow in our minds to become our spiritual existence that are easily passed along to others.   

"Truths held to be self evident" are ultimately important."  "Among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  "Among these" address the fact that there OTHER WORDS that further explain our original founding and give us guidance.  Try: Courage, Perseverance, Self Discipline, Humility, Reverence, Respect, and Honesty.  I am sure you can come up with a few as well.  Hate, for example, is used as a WORD weapon that degrades everyone.  What about LOVE or another word to establish the thought to grow into something not so hatful in spirit?  ... to something useful...

We all would like to see political change , but we also must recognize that America is a Culture of freedoms from oppression, which most of us respect and stand behind.  Changes that are good to some may be disaster to others, so when Political Laws are made in our Congress and Regulation is controlled by other agencies, the preservation of the Freedom Culture for all must be maintained.  When taxes are taken from selected groups and given to other selected groups, our national culture is fractured, the fabric of our economy of capitalism is fractured and the culture of freedom is eroded and continues to erode until we understand again that EQUALITY is mostly spiritual and not  necessarily a physical thing.  Those "Truths held to be self evident" must be up front in all that we as humans create such as laws and regulations.  "Good" cannot be legislated.  "Good" must be individually nurtured.  Laws can only attempt to prevent bad things from happening and then sometimes in the process the unintended consequence of good things being taken away may result.  Man made laws often create unintended bad consequences. 


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Common Sense:

Government can "inject" money into the economy. A dollar injected into the economy is first taken out of that economy. Net, Zero! Peter gives his dollar to Paul then Peter has one less dollar and Paul has one extra dollar.  Simple enough?

Government, in shifting massive amounts of capital away from investments, is making decisions that should be based on free market economic calculations, not government whim.

America was founded on a very sound "Declaration of Independence" and a "Constitution" that gives us a roadmap that defines governments limits.  The Federalist Papers explains and amplifies the original founding thoughts on the Declaration and Constitution.  All citizens must read and study these documents!  The Federal Government has specific powers listed in the Constitution.  Any powers not listed are left to the States.  There are enemies within and outside this country who are doing their best to circumvent these documents and ascribe their own unwritten interpretations and meanings to destroy the real fuel for our economy, Capitalism.  Capitalism will allow the private sector investment for our energy independence and maintenance of feedom!  Government must pay attention to our security and such, but stay out of the way of real progress which is real change brought about by real people doing real work! 

I am sure that there are other alternative energy sources.  In order to maintain our country with the leading edge now, we need our own energy source.  This energy source that the USGS has reported upon, could help maintain our independence in a world set against America and our independence.  Nuclear energy is another source.  Solar mirror/lenses are another source which would provide energy to make hydrogen for Fuel Cell technology.  Let us be creative.  That is what humans do when there is profit involved as incentive.  Politicians in government take away incentive. 


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Truths that are held to be SELF EVIDENT   

OUR FLAG, DECLARATION, and CONSTITUTION codify the SPIRITUAL nature for ALL Americans! 

We have a great Nation! It is indeed great, a country with all the grandeur of beautiful mountains, great plains, lakes, and rivers. We have bridges, high buildings, systems called large cities, and even small communities as well. But in fact it is the small community and the individuals in all the communities, both large and small that makes this a great nation.  It is the Sprit of each and every human that makes America.  The physical part is actually a result of Spirituality.

It is not so much the American Dream.  It is millions of Americans Dreaming.
It was not so much the Bridge to the 21 Century, but 300 million little old country roads to the 21st Century.

It is a great land, that is great because of the qualities that we cannot see. It is great by those qualities to often thought of as just plain old patriotic fluff. 

It is our “Spirit of America.”

We are a nation founded upon one little idea. The idea is that “all men are created equal.” And why are we created equal? Note that we have short and tall, heavy and light, tall and thin, black and white. What is equal about that? In fact no physical thing on the face of this earth is physically the same or equal. Physically, we and all things are, thank God, different. It is that Great Diversity of each individual that we celebrate here in America.

Spiritually, we are all equal. We are bonded by those “certain unalienable rights.” They were “endowed to us by our creator”, by our mere existence. We have only to accept “those truths that are held to be self evident.” That “among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” “Among these” means that there are other words that are most definitive of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The words are the navigational aids to life. They are the qualities of heroes.

Those qualities are:
Courage, Perseverance, Self Discipline, (strong personal strength) (3)
Humility, Reverence and Respect. (the balance) (3)
But in addition, above all, the most important 7th quality is real self honesty. It is the first 6 that are the foundation to this quality. These are the qualities that make us all equal. These are the 7 principles that bond us all together, the e pluribus Unum.

From the beginning, we have all been united under ONE FLAG that stands for all of these spiritual and physical attributes of our country. Let us continually, daily, pledge our allegiance to this flag because it stands for all that is AMERICA! This flag stands for qualities that all mankind understand and seek. They are officially ours under our Flag, our Declaration, and our Constitution.




 Oath of Citizenship

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces fo the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

Book Reviews

1421,  1434, Books that could change the History we thought we knew!

I have read both books by Gavin Menzies, 1421 (year of discovery) and 1434 update...
Gavin makes a compelling case that the China of the 15th century must have traveled around the world by their great Treasure Fleets.  The most hard hitting theory is that the Chinese were the first to land on the continent we now call America.  The Chinese of feudal times discovered the North and South American Continents!  They were, as Gavin Menzies has theorized, almost everywhere in the world except the Mediterranean and European part of the world until around 1434. 

Gavin explains how the Chinese were way ahead of their time in the feudal world of the 15th century. I know that I have read other books and articles as to how Old China was very advanced in their years of long ago, but I have never found the evidence that Gavin refers to in his book in any other publications. 

1421, and 1434, are worth reading!  It will enhance your thinking that is out of the normal accepted historical perspective.  It is not destroying any history, just adding a perspective that has not been in any of our history books, until now. 


The October Horse: A Novel of Caesar and Cleopatra
By Colleen McCullough
800 Pages - Simon and Schuster (November 2002)   

The Book Review below is by: Newt Gingrich

This is the culminating sixth volume of one of the most important historical novels of our generation. Beginning with "The First Man in Rome" and continuing through "The Grass Crown," "Fortune's Favorites," "Caesar's Women," "Caesar: Let The Dice Fly" and finally "The October Horse: A Novel of Caesar and Cleopatra", McCullough has carried us from just before Julius Caesar's birth on through the civil war following his death.

In this extraordinary series it is possible to see the crisis a hegemonic power faces whose political system is incapable of coping with the opportunities and threats which unparalleled power have brought to it.

The corruption and decay of the Roman Senate, the rise of outside interests seeking to bribe and corrupt Rome, the growing crisis for Italians as reactionary elements in Rome refuse to extend citizenship and the reversion of violence both in the street and with the Army all serve as sobering examples for modern citizens to contemplate as they watch the kaleidoscopic changes in our world and our times.

McCullough has the natural story teller's ability to surround big ideas with living, breathing, plotting, conniving, loving and hating people who remind us that politics and history are made by humans, not by anonymous trend lines.

In "The October Horse," Caesar is finishing the civil war against Pompey's forces (especially against Cato the Younger), developing a liaison and an alliance with Cleopatra in Egypt and returning to Rome to begin to reform the system until his enemies assassinate him in the Senate. The book ends with his nephew Octavius and Mark Antony taking on the assassins in a victorious second civil war followed by the initial murmurings of competition between Octavius (Caesar Augustus to be) and Antony.

This novel is a rich feast of people, scenes and maneuvering that is well worth reading in its own right.

While I like the October Horse very much, I strongly recommend that anyone interested in seeing our own time in the context of historic developments go back and read "The First Man in Rome" (Caesar's uncle Marius) and work their way through all six volumes.  This is a work of genius and it deserves to be very, very widely read.
                        Newt Gingrich

I have read all 6 books (approximately 6000 pages total) and found each book hard to lay down.  This 6 book set consists of a story that follows the actual history so well that I felt like I was reading history books instead of fiction.         Mel


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