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This page displays my Photography through WEBSHOTS

I was a Body Builder in earlier years...  I still workout at the gym on a regular basis...  at 69 nearing 70...





My Pictures are on WEBSHOTS.COM

Check the list below for the page number on WEBSHOTS, then click the link.


Truckee, CA., Cannibal Cruise Car Show
Truckee, CA., Cannibal Cruise Car Show II
Truckee, CA., Cannibal Cruise Car Show III
Truckee, CA., Cannibal Cruise Car Show IV
2000 Cannibal Cruise
2000 Cannibal Curise Cont.
Truckee, CA Championship Rodeo, 2000
Sandra's Crafts
Great America Ad 1
Great America Ad 2
Truckee CA 4th Parade I
Truckee CA 4th Parade II
Cannibal Cruise 2003 I
Cannibal Cruise 2003 II
Cannibal Cruise 2003 III
Cannibal Cruise IV
Cannibal Cruise 2003 V
Cannibal Cruise VI
Truckee Team Penning 2003
Truckee Rodeo 2003 I
Truckee Rodeo 2003 II
Truckee Rodeo 2003 III


Graduated 1959


This occurred many years ago.  In fact, about 40 years ago.  I was about 25 then.

1966, Wakiki, Mr & Ms Hawaii, Bodybuilding contest

Mr Hawaii, 1966

Mr & Ms Hawaii, 1966

Front Row 1966 Final

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See my trainer, Rex Ravelle at:

Rex was a stunt man and stand in for the Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies.






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