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The links at the left will guide you through my site where I will provide further links to reference and give further meaning to the principles in the banner of this page.. 

This site is dedicated to the Principles in the banner at the top of this page. Other phrases that further describe these principles are Endowed Rights, Natural Law, Navigational aids to life, Qualities that bond humans, Qualities of a Hero.  All humans seek these truths that are held to be self evident.  Read the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and you will find these principles threaded throughout.  These truths, held to be self evident, are a collection of logical conclusions when you study the founding documents of America.  We, the people, elect public servants to keep order by law and in accordance our Constitution.  When that government and it's bureaucracy attempt to take on duties which are not allowed by the Constitution and cease to be servants, we the citizens must replace those individuals with principled servants.  


Renewing American Civilization
(Series of 10 Classes taught by Newt Gingrich in the early 1990's consisting of about 298 pages)

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Most of the contact information in these 10 classes are no longer valid.  If you have any questions about these classes, you can email me.  I attended the Team Teacher conference in 1994 at Waleska University in Georgia.  Was honored to meet Newt Gingrich at that conference. 

I am presenting this series of classes here as information that I am not sure still exists or even where it exits.  These 10 classes examined the principles of American Civilization.  The truths that are "held to be self evident" somehow do not seem to be so self evident in today's so called progressive minded environment.  Political Correctness has taken over as a means of obscuring the principles that has proven successful in the development of this Great Nation and its unique civilization in a world gone  mad with a Socialism/Communism/Big Government is Better mentality. 

I will include the transcripts of these classes in the future as pdf files.  As I read through these classes again, I am book marking key words and points.