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Climate Change
Here is a theory that I have never heard generally discussed much among many scientists or anyone else today.
 [ Milankovitch Cycles ]

The Milankovitch Cycles theory of Milutin Milankovitch can be found on the internet.  You can find information on the theories that have been presented, proven as viable via ocean bottom core samples to explain the Ice Ages.  Generally, there has been four major periods of glaciations over the last 400,000 years.  When I was in high school in the 50's, I found a source for the papers on these cycles.  I read, studied, and remember talking to others about this.  Milutin Milankovitch passed away in 1958 in Belgrade. 

Thirty million years ago, our earth had no ice.  Two and a half million years ago the Pleistocene Ice Age began an ice age and is still with us today because there is still ice on our earth.  Milankovitch's math has aligned with actual Ice Ages that have occurred.  I will not try to explain the formulas here as I just want to present the theory.  It will be up to everyone to consider this enough to realize that we as the human race may not be able to control climate changes.  Politician scientists now urge certain requirements or specific steps to stop this recent emergency anomaly of a warming earth. 

There is, according the the theory, a wobble in the earth as it daily rotates around its rotational axis, 24 hours a day.  This slow wobble has a 23,000 year cycle.  Also, there is predictable earth tilt changes in the daily rotation besides the wobble at a 41,000 year cycle.  There is predictable orbital changes from round orbit to elliptical orbit in 100,000 year cycles.  Math formula describes each of these phenomena.  The combined cyclical changes probably has more effect in climate changes than current "increasing gases" thinking dictates.  A dictator kind of thinking does not really prove much.  Science continues to change when we discover new data.  The only data on glaciations was done because of Milankovitch in his theory.  The data aligns with his calculations and with the timing of the ice ages that have occurred. 

We need to adjust our lives accordingly to survive earths changes.  There has been an evolution (Darwin)  as life must always adjust to the environment.  It seems there may be some truth to Carbon Dioxide and other gases having some affects in changes of climate.  The idea that we have much that we can do to change anomalies in planet orbits, regular rotational axis changes, and rotational planet wobble anomalies, other planet gravity effects throughout the solar system, is fantasy.  These changes occur in varying lengths of time from 21,000 years to 400,000 years.  Most of climate changes over millions of years have had nothing to do with what humans do.  In millions of years of planet earths existence, most change has been made by forces that can be explained by the natural planetary cycling of forces over which we humans have absolutely no control.  Physics may explain all these complicated forces, but the Physics Calculations are hard to understand without extensive study. 

There may be other theories that could help us decide how we might affect some kind of change or to give us solutions for any of our problems.  Many times we simply blame someone else.  We often make changes based on false assumptions.  We could blame the Martians if need be.  We can find another problem and then place blame on that.  We humans make assumptions daily, but assumptions are often merely whimsical thought that has no connection to being a solution to anything in reality.   We, and I include myself, think we are scientific in our thinking, but most often, we are not the scientists we think we are.  We are just attempting to find reasons and solutions in a common way.  When there is no real scientific plan go by, it is hard to make any credible conclusions or any further strategic plans that might work.  I am open to further credible suggestions...

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